Thursday, October 27, 2011


Look what I just found.  Canning Steak & Onions.  The next time I see those little steaks on sale, I guess you know what is going on the shelves!


  1. YUM is right ...I'd love to have have some of that on the shelves! I see stew meat on sale quite often. I could sear that in a skillet, then can it in pint jars with the onions and gravy ...'stew starter' on the shelves. All I'd have to do is sautee' some fresh carrots and celery and make a little more gravy. I could have supper on the table in 30 minutes. Yeoldfurt would love it!

    Thanks for the link, Mamma Bear!

  2. HossBoss, that was my first thought, stew meat. I l like the steak idea too.

  3. When chuck roast go on sale I buy those, cube them up, raw pack and then pressure can.

    This past week I opened a jar of the cubed roast, a jar of potatoes and a jar of carrots and put this in a pot with 3 cups of water and an envelope of beef stew mix. I threw in a handful of dehydrated onions and cut up two stalks of celery. Bring this to a boil and then cover and simmer for 30 minutes. Easy Beef Stew! I already had some homemade bread in the freezer so we had that with the stew as well. Great meal for some of our chilly nights we are beginning to have.


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