Sunday, October 2, 2011

Fat Tax...Coming soon to the USA?

I just read this article.  Denmark levies world's first fat tax.  I am just about sure Michelle Obama will be singing their praises as soon as she gets wind of it.  She seems to want to dictate what we should and should not be eating.  How much do you want to bet the fat tax will be another accomplishment of the Obama administration in the near future.  Just another reason to become as self sufficient as possible.  

The only thing missing from my home garden is wheat. I can't find any info on growing it in NW Florida.  I sure would like to grow some or at least know I could grow it here should the need arise.  Until then I have stored a little over 300 pounds in #10 cans just to be on the safe side.


  1. I am sure there is a wheat variety for that climate but what it would be is I haven't a clue.

    As for a fat tax. Two (or more) wrongs don't make a right but it isn't any less wrong than taxing other health choices as they do. I have always thought it funny that the smokers at work are charged an extra $120.00 a year while the 55 gallon drum soda drinkers get away without an extra charge.

  2. PP...this is so true. I unfortunately am a smoker and when the tax was raised so high here in Florida I did try to quit for the umpteenth time but I kept going back. I now order my tobacco and cigarette tubes on line and make my own. It comes out to about #10.00 a carton instead of the $45.00 that is now charged here. I don't think there is near the chemicals in the ones I make and smoke. I forgot my cigarettes a few weeks ago and as I was spending the day in town I broke down and bought a store bought pack. They were terrible. If someone has the need to smoke making your own is the way to go. I have cut back to less than a pack a day so maybe I can lay them down one day. It's a nasty terrible habit.

    Papa Bear does not smoke but does his share of drinking that 55 gallon drum of soda a year. Me...I can leave those things alone. Just give me my water,coffee and iced tea!


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