Wednesday, October 12, 2011

This and That

When the great nephew came for a visit.  He climbed the big cedar in the front yard.
 ....and then he taught the grandson how to climb the big cedar in the front yard. Grandson now wants to build a tree-house and is busy collecting Grandpa's scrap wood.

The grandson had the turkeys chasing him like a bunch of puppy dogs.

I don't know who was enjoying the chase more.  The grandson or the turkeys?

 A pretty wildflower we saw on the way to the pond.

The Pazebo  (a cross between a pavilion and gazebo) should be completed this week.  I am loving how it is turning out.

Someone peeking through.
and the new kid on the block peeking.
In between all this fun, I've been canning.  I've canned Bacon & Bean soup, Burrito Beans, Taco filler and canned some of my dried beans that I never got around to putting in mylar bags. Will post some recipes soon.  

Hope everyone is having a good week!


  1. Looking forward to the recipes ...I'm anxious to start canning again but my next two weekends are chock full of other things.

    The Pazebo looks great! What a nice place to relax by the water!

  2. Nice looking grandson and the birds as well!!!

  3. Hey HB...almost finished with the Pazebo. Have to do another coat of paint and clean up the work area.

    I see you found one of the recipes...more to come!

  4. Thanks PP..... We think both the grandson and birds are pretty nifty ourselves! I don't think any of the Tom's will have enough weight on them by Thanksgiving to be dinner. They look really big but when you pick them up they are as light as, well, feathers!


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