Monday, October 10, 2011


Thank You God!  It has been raining since I got up around 5am.  A slow steady rain that gives the earth time to soak it up.

We have a low pressure system located over north central Florida that is beginning to get to us here in the Florida Panhandle.  We had some of the gale force winds yesterday but no rain.  Our rain is supposed to last through today and into the night.

My little baby seedlings will be happy.  My onions, brussel sprouts, collards, rutabagas and broccoli have all popped up out of the ground.

Since the rain had settled the dust some, I put on a hoodie and ran the tiller a few swipes in the chicken pen. The chickens are now happily scratching through the new overturned dirt in the rain. I think they were enjoying the light rain as much as I was.   It won't be long before I will need to move them to a new area of the garden to start to work on it.


  1. Sprouts and seedlings in October. It will be at least four months before I see any of those and then they will be inside. Grrrrrr.

    Gratz on the rain though!!!!

  2. I was about a month late planting the seeds so I hope I wasn't too late before we have our first freezing weather. The collards, onions and brussel sprouts should do OK but I don't know about the broccoli and rutabagas.


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