Monday, October 17, 2011

Don't try this at home....

or anywhere else for that matter.  

I have been experimenting with canning recipes as you see in my last post.  The canned meatloaf is great and while it was cooking I took another 10 pounds of the ground beef , seasoned it with a little soy sauce, garlic and onion powder.  I formed 36 patties using the wide mouth rim and lid... I had a plan. 

Papa Bear started the charcoal grill and I proceeded to grill these 36 burgers while he went to work on the Pazebo.  Thank goodness I put over half of these burgers in ziploc bags and put them in the freezer cause my plan turned out just yucky.  

I put the grilled burgers in canning jars (I only did 3) , I then covered the burgers with a diluted barbecue sauce and processed them for 90 minutes in the pressure canner.  I had visions of a lovely barbecued cheese burger in my future. That evening we opened a jar to see how they turned out before I canned any more of them.  Well....they were just terrible.  I mean if you were starving you would eat them but they are something I would keep pushing to the back of the shelf until I had to eat them.  I may just label them as dog food and store them for the guardian dogs.



  1. good to know! thanks for sharing these trials with us.

  2. I was discussing this with another prepper friend...what is the difference between a burger and a meatlaof burger??? Perhaps it's the soy sauce, perhaps it's the grilling instead of baking...why not consider baking the burgers or using the tomato juice for the canning instead of the bbq sauce? If it were me, I'd just go with more mini meatloaves.

  3. I think I will stick with the mini meatloaves!

    I know when canning, some spices intensify such as sage. I have heard it will get very bitter. Maybe it was the grilling, maybe it was the soy, maybe it was something in the smoky bbq sauce I used. I don't know? These almost had a bitter, scorched taste. Can't really describe it other than just bad.

  4. I make Amish Poor Man's Steak, and it is absolutely incredible. I cannot recommend it highly enough.'s%20Steak%20To%20Can.html

  5. Kris... I rounded up all the ingredients to make the Amish Steak and will be using my last 30 pounds of meat for the task. It sounds really good.


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