Monday, February 27, 2012

For Gun Owners and Buyers

I have been eyeballing The National Association of Land Owners site to maybe order the Rural No Trespassing Signs.  While I was on the site today I clicked on the Gun Owners that was on the side bar.  Very cool info to have especially when you buy a second hand gun from an individual and don't know much about it.  

Wildblue Satellite

Do companies care if they have your business or not?  I no longer think so. 

I switched from Hughesnet to Wildblue Satellite in 2010 for two reasons.  One a new satellite was to be launched making Wildblue better and two, everyone I talk to (so far) is in the US.  When I have problems,  I no longer have to talk to Majabar in God only knows what country whom I can barely understand.

Today I got a call from Viacom which is part of Wildblue to tell me they are making appointments to change out the satellite dish and modem.  The cost to me....$249.00 installation fee.  Another $20.00 added to an already $70.00 a month fee.  I balked at the new fee and the representative told me they would waive $10.00 a month for 12 months.  I told the representative I would let them know.  

I came and looked on the internet.  I find Excede.  They are part of Viacom but they advertise a $149.00 installation fee.  I can buy a lifetime lease for $219.99 instead of paying $10.00 a month so I called and guess what...they are all a part of Wildblue.  So...I called Wildblue back and asked about Excede.  They told me that price was for new customers only.  I told them it seems to me that they would want to keep their current customers happy instead of trying to rip them off for $100.00 for installation and $20.00 extra a month because they failed to tell me that I could buy a life time lease on the equipment.  When my contract is up in September, I will have paid $240.00 for leasing.

When you live in the country you are punished.  Our electricity cost more, I have to pay almost $90.00 a month for 200 channels to be able to have about 10 channels we actually watch on TV.  Now the internet if I want any kind of speed will be $90.00 a month.  Almost $200.00 a month to stay connected to the world...Sometimes I wonder if it's worth it.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Welcome Kimberly Rose

The latest person to hit the follow button is Kimberly Rose. What a pretty name!

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Sunday, February 19, 2012


Swedish Man Survived in snow covered car for two months.

I always wonder when I see stories such as this or one person who survives an airplane crash or the horrible wreck that left my son in the shape he is in...just what God's plan is for these people.  I know God has taught me a lot of things from my sons injuries but some of these people recover completely unscathed and are able to tell others about it.  

I wonder about the woman who crashed into my sons car, drunk out of her mind at 8am on a Sunday morning almost 16 years ago.  She had a tiny scratch above her lip.  My son was comatose for months and has almost left this world on more than one occasion.  What was she saved for?.....I'd like to think she is going to go on and do great things with her life.  Maybe she is going to have a child who is going to discover the cure for cancer.  As time approaches March 5, the anniversary date of my sons wreck (I don't call it an accident)  ...I just wonder and question and think.....

Word Verification Removed

Like many bloggers, I have removed the word verification from comments.  It is getting very aggravating to try to read the first of the two words blogger now requires.  With these tired old eyes, I very seldom get it right the first time.  It is almost getting to the point I'd rather not leave a comment.  Thanks to all of you who have removed it.  Blogger is supposed to have a better spam filter now.  We'll see!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Fridays Funny

Now that takes skill......

Welcome and Thank You!

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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Gifts from Nature

While setting fence post, Papa Bear found this turtle shell.  It had long been cleaned out by the creepy crawlies.  It fell apart when he picked it up and most of the thin shell that has the color had flaked off.  The sun had done a pretty good job of bleaching it out.

 At first GS and I thought we'd try to make a little stuffed body and glue the shell back together and then paint it.  But after fiddling with the shell I had another idea.

I painted the shell inside and out with black craft paint.  When that dried, I dry brushed brown craft paint on the shell.
I then glued the small piece with thick epoxy to seal the cracks and glued the bottom for a base for my new little ......

flower pot....I sprayed polyurethane to seal it all and then when that was dry.......

I planted a small cactus in it.  I think it turned out kind of cute.

Boulder Residents, County Officials Say "No" to GMOs

Good for Colorado!  This is a great read about GMO products and the possible harm they cause.  It's long but worth the read.

For the past two years I have at times had severe allergic reactions to processed food products.., I go into anaphylactic shock and end up in the ER.  I have to carry an EPI-Pen with me at all times and I take 3 different allergy meds every day.. I've had the scratch test done several times and nothing shows up.  My doctor doesn't think it is food related but it always happens with-in minutes of my eating something.  The reason he doesn't think it is food related is because of all the labels I have saved for him whenever I have a reaction shows nothing in common.  I have wondered to myself if it is because of GMO foods and the above article just about proves what I have suspected all along.  I am going to print it out and take it to my doctor my next appointment. In the past few months I have just about stopped eating anything processed and I have not had any allergic reactions to anything.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

BIG Fish

Last Saturday was a perfect day for fishing.  Me, the Marine, Papa Bear and Mom went down to our catfish pond to use our new pazebo and see if the fish was biting.  I had just baited Marine Bears hook and put it in his hand when the biggest fish that's ever been caught in the pond hit.  I reeled it in for the Marine ...what a fight this one gave.    Papa Bear is holding the fish up so I could get a picture.

 That bad boy weighed almost 5 pounds!    I hate that I didn't have the camera when I reeled it in for the Marine.  He was grinning from ear to ear for catching the biggest fish in the pond!

We caught a few more that were a nice size.

We also have Blue Gill in the pond.  Papa Bear had to keep this one as it's gill was damaged and would not have lived if he had thrown it back.  Papa Bear caught about 20 this size and smaller and threw them back.  Either these fellows grow very slow or we haven't found where the big ones are in the pond.

We  skint , cleaned and had a feast that evening.  Some were fried and some were grilled.  I had to have the grilled and it was my first time grilling catfish.  I sprayed them with Pam,sprinkled on lemon pepper and cooked them over hot charcoal.  They were good but I would have loved the fried ones but they are a no-no for me now.

What a difference from last Saturday to this Saturday.  Our temps while fishing were around 72.....just perfect.  Today the temps will drop all day and be in the 20's tonight.  Most all of plants in my flower gardens have jumped from the ground, the banana trees are sprouting and blossoms are on the pear trees.  I am going to cover what I can and try to save them.  Such is life in the Twilight Zone....  Have a great weekend everyone!

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Friday, February 10, 2012

Fridays Funny

'I swear,  a Big Doberman busted in and just tore the place up....'

Thursday, February 9, 2012

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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I got an award!

I received the Liebster Blog award from Jacked up Glock Mom the author of the blog  Tales from the Clothesline .  With so many good blogs out there in cyber world, I am honored that JUGM takes the time to read mine.  I read many great blogs a week so it will be hard to pick five.  All of the blogs listed to the side offer a good variety of reading.  I am attempting to choose five who has not to my knowledge received the award.  Take a moment to check them out!  They are listed at the end of this post.

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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Don't Worry....Bee Happy

After reading for almost a year on the subject, searching Craigs list for hives for sale (never found one),  I finally broke down and ordered 2 bee hives, supplies and bees today.  I should have my hives in a few weeks and the bees will be shipped in April or May depending on the weather. is all your fault.....LOL  

PP always has the most interesting post about his girls.

When my new toys come in I will post pictures.


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