Monday, August 27, 2012

Unpredictable Issac

The computer models still do not agree where Issac will make landfall.  It is anywhere between the Florida panhandle and New Orleans, Louisiana.  That is about a 350 mile span as the crow fly's...crazy.   Seven years ago yesterday was when Katrina hit.  That was devastating to Mississippi and Louisiana.   With Issac barreling through the Gulf you know they can't help but be afraid.

Yesterday, I looked out my kitchen window to a very blue sky and green grass.  Green grass is almost unheard of here in August.  It is usually brown and crunches when you walk across it.  Our pond is usually down 3 or 4 feet this time of the year but this year it is filled and actually overflowing on the low end.  We have only had 4 or 5 days in the month of August that it hasn't rain and it rained quiet a bit in July as well.

Three days ago we had 5 inches of rain in just a couple of hours.  It washed out the road getting to our house pretty bad.  

 There is standing water all along the roadside.  Papa Bear and the Good Neighbor took their tractors and got the road passable again.  This water is nothing compared to what Issac will dump on us.

Yesterday, Papa Bear took down the flag pole and Martin Houses.

I baked bread for sandwiches if needed, made a cheesecake and attempted to catch up on the laundry

I checked all of our food, water and supplies and for once there was not one thing I needed from town which is a great feeling.  We can make do for quiet a while without going anywhere.  The generators are gassed up and have been moved to the porch along with extra tanks of fuel.  I have a two burner Coleman stove and cases of the little gas cylinders should I need something to cook on.. The goats will get extra hay tonight and tomorrow just in case we can't get to them.  Today, we will watch the weather channel and wait.  There is nothing left to do.  

The thing I am concerned about most is our electricity.  We belong to a co-op and buy our power from Alabama.  Any trees that come down between here and Alabama and fall on the lines can affect us.  The year Opal hit we were without power for almost 2 weeks.  At least now we have generators and can keep the freezers and refrigerator going and a fan for the Marine.  He has breathing problems when he gets too hot.   Our ground is saturated so I don't think it will take a whole lot of wind to uproot some of them.

I pray for all of you who are in Issac's path.  I pray that we have nothing more than a little breeze and a shower.

Nippy doesn't seem to be concerned.  Maybe I shouldn't be either!


  1. Glad to hear so far so good and that you are well prepared. I noticed on the news this morning gas stations posting prices over $5.00. An added expense for anyone needing to evacuate or run generators for days. Take care.

    1. Thanks TL. Someone always price gouges. After Opal a little store down the road was charging $10.00 for a bag of ice and I forgot the charge for water and gas. Problem then was the fine was so low that the ones who priced gouged didn't mind paying it, they had already made more than enough from their jacked up prices. I think it is a much steeper fine now.

  2. I am inland, but I'm sure that gasoline will cost more tomorrow. Any reason to raise prices. Sounds like you are all prepped, get some games, books, or non-electric entertainment. Stay Safe and clean those gutters!

  3. K...are you in the hurricanes path? If so I hope you and family are prepared and safe as possible.

    We have lots of things to keep us entertained. The Marine has a battery powered DVD player and we can charge it via the generator when it runs down. It's usually good for 2 movies or so. I even have about a four hour battery on the computer if we don't lose the satellite signal so I can still post if anything is going on. Trouble is most of these storms come in the dark. You can't see much but you hear plenty.

    1. Nope, we are not in the path, but have relatives at Naverre,FL. Without giving out to much info, we have fun stuff like tornadoes, ice storms, wild fires, and the Southern humidity/heat.

    2. Oh yeah, we have a genny to run the living room and frig/freezer and to more inportantly entertain the 3 and 6 year old.


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