Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Get Ready Florida

...looks like Issac is headed for the gulf.  I hope all of my fellow Floridians have their hurricane preparations underway and everyone stays safe.  We have a few days to get stocked up.


  1. Hope you are not in it's path ........ stay safe.

  2. Thanks TL...It is projected to go across the tip of South Florida and then into the gulf. From there we don't know yet but it's looking like all of Florida is going to get something from Issac. We're in the panhandle.

  3. What a tropical season we are having. I swear Florida is going to break off and become an island. The water table here is all ready over flowing, Another 15 + inches of rain and we are really going to be screwed.

    1. I haven't said anything about all the rain we've been having because so many folks are suffering from the lack of it. We have only had 3 days in August that it hasn't rained and it rained a good many days in July. I don't think I can remember a time where our grass was not brown and crunchy when you walked across it this time of year. We are having to mow almost every week in between the showers. The weeds in my flower beds are almost waist high. Can't get out there to work them. Most days I have to go to the barn in a rain poncho to milk and this means dragging goats in and out of the barn to another shelter. They hate to get wet! We have been in such a drought that I don't want to complain about the wet stuff. Just wish it didn't have to come all at once!


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