Friday, December 14, 2012

Prayers for Newtown Connecticut School

They need it desperately.

Children and Adults gunned down


  1. Watching coverage now. I have no words, just heartbroken.

  2. So heartbreaking for so many families that were looking forward to Holidays .......... tragic.

  3. Been praying all day. Lot's of tears too. It's so heartbreaking I cannot even imagine the pain.

  4. Mamma - we don't have tv. i wouldn't have known about this except for coming here. i don't read the news any hurts too much. this being a perfect example. i just did an internet search, read one article and said to myself - that's enough.

    we came here to the island to escape this horror. i don't want to know that there are people in the world who are capable of this horror. i just don't want to know. i highly doubt that this tragedy will make it into our island newspaper. people here don't know much about the outside world. i like that.

    my heart is aching and breaking. i know that you know what i mean. my beautiful Saviour died on a cross to forgive all of our sins...including the sins of this man. my Saviour loves all of us. including the man who did this. i am so thankful that i believe in, and love, my Saviour.

    my heart is breaking. my heart always breaks when i rejoin and be "of the world". i came here to be out of the world. i want to just live and love and not be out of this world. Mamma, you always know what i mean.

    i am so sorry. my heart is hurting. and i am so sorry. for him most of all. and for the families. and everyone in the community. they will all suffer from the trauma for the rest of their lives. they will never get over this. i am so sorry.

    much love to you, Papa, and the Marine always. your friend,

  5. I have been so upset about it all. No reason for such a senseless act of violence. My prayers and sympathy goes to the families. I can imagine the pain of losing a child and I pray its something I never have to experience. The Holidays for them will never be the same again.

  6. Thank you all for joining me in prayer for all of the families. I just left a comment for DFW on Countin the days blog. Her niece was killed last night in a ATV accident. Please remember their family as well. It has been such a sad week-end. I have had my 7 year old grandson with me this weekend. I could not stop holding him and watching his every move. When we said our evening prayers we prayed for the families. I told grandson that Jesus has 20 new angels in heaven to celebrate His birth. No child should have to know there is such evil in this world.


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