Monday, December 3, 2012

Elves, Clowns and Bears..OH MY!

I have been making our Christmas decorations for over 20 years.  Except for the bows, lights, candy canes and the angel on top all on our tree are handmade.

We have cathedral ceilings so we can have a big 9 footer!

It's even prettier at night all lit up.  I just can't take a straight picture!

Here are my elves on their 4 foot ladder.  I made these about 15 years ago. They are scrambling up the tree with a strand of lights, ornaments and a candy cane.

A close up of one of the handsome little guys.  See Kelly and Glock Mom...Tell your little ones my elves are good....they stay put!

 a blown glass ball made by a friend, some snowmen and a string ball.  The string balls are fun to make.  Blow up a small balloon, wrap it with crochet string, paint it with "stiff Stuff" and let dry.  You can leave them plain or decorate as I did here with a gold poinsettia.

for Glock Mom....Send in the clowns....I have several of these in different colors.

Needlepoint from my sister....I don't do needlepoint. 

 Lots of white, gold and silver doves fly among the branches.

We have sleds...

Gingerbread men...

 Grandson made this one from cinnamon dough last week.  He told his Mom, grandma has white hair and wears white sneakers and always has a plant in her hand!  It smells wonderful!  That's a little wooden rocking horse behind my namesake.

 This is one of the dough ornaments that has lasted about 20 years.  There is only a few of these remaining.

 We have bells with pictures of the grand kids....This little baby will be 19 years old next month.  Where does the time go? she's not white headed like me...she has on a santa hat!

 another string ball.  I have them in white, gold, red and silver.

 and we have bears.....

 lots and lots of bears.....

 We started collecting them the year the Marine came home from the hospital.  We have missed a couple of years but have most of them dated since 1996.  The first one from 1995 did not have a date on his foot.

 A Christmas photo of me and Papa Bear about 25 years ago and a little wooden Christmas tree I made.

 A Christmas card holder I made a long time ago...We got our first card today, well maybe I should count Kelly's sweet card as the first she sent with her lovely soap as she did wish us Christmas blessings!  Sorry about the glare.  I so need a new camera.

 Mr and Mrs Frosty.  I made a lot of these for family and friends 10 or so years ago.

 A wooden candy holder I made.  I usually put Hershey Kisses in it but haven't been to the store yet.

 Santa's sleigh and one of his reindeer I made some 15 years ago.

 and a family of deer....all the kids enjoy taking these apart and putting back together.

 My former daughter in law made this nativity for us years ago.  I put it in the corner of the kitchen counter this year.  Daughter has a friend with a two year old who comes to visit and this is about the only thing out that will break.

 I've either got to retire the candy cane angel or sand her down and repaint her.  She's getting a little dingy in her old age.

 Mr and Mrs Claus were made by a friend 30 years ago.  I am still amazed they have not been broken.  The bears in the center are animated and play Christmas carols.  The photo on the right is one of our granddaughters first visit with Santa.

Hope you enjoyed looking at a few of our decorations.  I just love all the colors and sounds of Christmas in our home!

 It's early but Merry Christmas y'all!



  1. Love all your decorations, what years are you missing on your bears, I have quite a few with the dates on them. Your elves are adorable.

    1. Thank you TL! Due to sickness or just plain forgetting to get one, we are missing 2005, 2008 and 2011. I really thought we got one in 2011 but it was not with the bears when I unpacked them. Mom had gotten him one that sings Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas so I wrote 2011 on her foot but it's not quiet the same. I would love to find one dated 1995 (the year we started collecting). I keep checking yard sales and Goodwill with no luck. In 1995 we got the Humprey Bear and he didn't have a date. We used that one for the Marine to keep his arm from drawing up so badly the first year. He hugged that bear until it was almost flat and his head about to come off so he has many repairs! Thank you so much for your kindness...Even if you don't have the dates we is very thoughtful for you to offer.

    2. Guess I am not much help in filling in your void .... mine are older, 1988, 1989, 1990 and 2000.

    3. TL...It's the thought that counts..Thanks for trying!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you GS....I hope your dear wife is enjoying her music and decorations!

  3. My ex-husband always chose Christmas to show his cruelest streak. I don't think I ever want another Christmas tree.

  4. Lotta joy....I know it is hard to let go of the past...especially when it holds so many painful memories. I have been there and done that. You need to make new Christmas memories with Stud. Go get yourself a Christmas tree...even if it is a small one. I've seen samples of your talent. You will have the most beautiful handmade items. Just look at your blog name...Lotta Joy....go make yourself have a lotta joy!


  5. Your tree is beautiful!!! I love that you made every ornament yourself, thats soo special! Your elves are cute ;) My little one didn't find the elf this morning, we were running late and she had a bad dream last night and didn't feel like hunting down her creepy friend LOL!!! It will still be there when she gets home from school ☺

    1. Thanks Kelly....I need to find something new to do. I am steadily watching Pinterest for some new ideas. Loved your creepy little elf in the bubble bath!

  6. Love all the ornaments except the clown of course..eek! I want to try and make the string ball things. That would be a fun teachers gift as well.

    1. Glock Mom...I just found your comment. Since Blogger changed everything I forget to look for new comments. Glad you liked the ornaments and yes, the string ones are fun to make and even if they ge smashed flat they are still interesting if you glue a Christmas related item to the center of one.

  7. I just did a search on ebay ... found a couple of 1995 KMart bears listed, I searched by year/teddy bear. Maybe if you keep looking there you can find some cheap enough to fill in.

    1. TL..I have not thought of looking elsewhere for the dates. Thanks!


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