Sunday, April 15, 2012

Off Grid Chicken Brooder

Ernest has a very good solution.  Go read about it here at the Bunker Index.  I tried to leave a comment on his blog but after three tries of the word verification, I gave up.  

I hate that word verification and did not even know I had it on my blog for so long.  I'm sorry to all of you who left comments that had to use it. 


  1. Yes, I feel your pain. Word verification is a pain in the dupa! If it takes more than 3 times I usually leave and my comment goes wasted. Not that my comments mean so much, but I like staying in contact with my blog friends, letting them know I'm still interested in what they share.

  2. Thanks for the link; I'm a follower there now!

    1. You're welcome GS...I have read his blog off and on when he was looking for a place to go off grid. I am glad to see he and family made it.


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