Friday, April 20, 2012

Last of the Spring kids...maybe

Our doe Lacie gave birth to two fine looking bucklings yesterday morning.  The second one was born breech but I didn't have to help.  He had very weak hind legs all day yesterday.  I thought I would have to end of splinting them but he is running and playing today like there was never anything wrong.

 Isn't he a handsome boy?  He has a rusty orange and black striped tail.  I named him "Tigger"

Kim from Country Life....this picture is for you!  A week ago both of these boys could fit in the nursery container and couldn't be seen. 

They were totally ignoring their Mama calling for them.
 I think the does are taking turns babysitting.  This is the second time I have found a doe in the corner with 7 of the older babies while the other Mama's are browsing.  Do you suppose they have a schedule worked out?

We moved the other two does who didn't get pregnant this time around.  They are in the pen with our Nubian buck.  Should they breed anytime soon we will have some late summer kids.  I just won't know the exact date.

As soon as Lacie has spent a few days alone with her kids I will move them out to the open pens.  I am going to take the other kids away from the Mama's in the next few days so I can start milking.  I'm already a week behind on those plans.


  1. Sooooo Sweeeet!! You must be a busy gal these days. Do you keep all the babies too?

    1. Sassy...I will keep the does and possibly one of the bucks. I sold nine bucks last month. Our plans were to butcher them but I don't think Papa Bear had the heart to do so when meat wasn't really needed. Hay has gotten so expensive that I sold them. I had told Papa Bear my plans but I guess he thought I wouldn't really sell them. When the man came to pick them up I got daggers thrown at me...LOL I told him to stop pouting. We would have another "crop" of babies in a few weeks. I sold nine and we have nine new ones!...LOL

    2. MB, I think I read a post of yours that said you milk your goats... or did I? I'm very curious if you do, and what do you use it for? Do you make cheese?

      Farmer Hubby and I are thinking while praying, about possibly getting a couple of goats. We would only start off with one doe and a buck. Of course we would want easy going, not so destructive kinds... are there any of those... LOL.

      Our intentions would be to milk, and future goats as meat. So I'm trying to do research on milking, how often (twice a day) or how long in a season or is there a break like in winter. What I might make with the milk, or how much would one doe give me? So many details and not enough info or I'm looking in all the wrong places.

      Thanks for any tips or info you can give me.


    3. Sassy...I am so sorry I have missed your comment until now. I have not made cheese yet. This is the first time i will be able to milk more than one goat at a time to try it. We have gotten behind on some projects but I plan on separating the kids from the does this week and start milking.

      The best easy going goats are the ones that have been bottle fed from their owners. The only problem is they will forever be in your business. Our first bottle fed babies are now adults and they will not leave you alone when in the pen with them. They want to be touched scratched or talked to.

      My first one that I milked was a mixed breed. She has some Boer and the Lord only knows what else. I was getting close to 2 quarts or a little more a day from her which isn't a great amount but I used it to make yogurt which is excellent and buttermilk for baking. We also drank some of it fresh but I am not a milk drinker to begin with but it tasted far better than the watered down stuff they call milk that you buy at the grocer.

      I now have a full blooded Nubian and Nubian mixed. They are suppose to produce a good amount of milk with a lot of butterfat. I eventually want to try to make butter. I have been searching Craigs list and ebay for a cheap cream separator but no luck yet. I'll be sure to make a post on the milking and cheese making when I start.

      We were keeping our males for meat but I don't think Papa Bear had the heart to butcher them as we were not in dire need for meat. I finally sold 9 of them as feed and hay is too expensive for something that is not giving back. Papa Bear stayed mad at me for days for selling them! He's OK now...I sold nine and the past month our does have given birth to 9 new kids!

  2. Very interesting. I have never seen one that was brown and black like that. I am still trying to work out a way to get my own goats here. In order for Phil to agree, I have to have everything figured out.

    1. Becky...These are Nubian mixed and Nubians come in all colors. Mama is almost totally black with a little brown and white and the daddy is a rusty brown with black markings.This baby got a mixture of both the parents.

    2. Glad you had the pictures, love them! Would love to hug Tigger, wish you lived close!! and the picture of the boys in the nursery container is priceless!!!! :D

    3. Kim...thank you for your comments and I apologize for not answering you sooner. Blogger is crazy sometimes.

      Tigger is a cute little fellow and they have outgrown the container now. They have all become very brave and are climbing on very high objects now!


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