Saturday, April 7, 2012

Early Morning Surprise

Got up this morning, took care of the Marine, grabbed a cup of coffee and headed to the garden to stake the tomatoes.  I glanced out into the does pen and saw our doe Tassie with 2 new kids.  

I didn't put her into a stall last night as I thought we had another two days to go.  She must have just had the little tan one as except for her head she was still covered in the birth gunk and dirt.  Both of them were shivering as it was in the low 50's this morning.

I got a couple of the towels,  grabbed them up and headed for a stall.  Mama followed behind to make sure I was not "kid" napping them!

This pretty girl is gray, brown and white.  

 Her cute little sister is tan and white.

 Mama and babies getting a well deserved rest after having giving birth and being born in the dirt!

This is our young doe Lacie.  We never did see her breed with our buck but she is starting to make her udder so I guess she did!....Just don't know her due date.   She is half Nubian and they don't mature as fast as some other breeds.  I would have waited another few months on her breeding but we didn't  know she was in heat or we would have moved her away from the buck.  Things happen.  She is OK weight wise to give birth.  She's about 90 pounds.  I just would have liked to see her bigger.

I still don't think Jersey is pregnant as she has not made her udder and she should have given birth first unless she is like Lacie and may have gotten in on the last breeding when we ran the Nubian buck in with the girls.  Jersey's daughter Prissy is over 2 years old.  We've had her bred twice and no pregnancy either times.  Jersey rejected Prissy at birth.  I've read that the doe can tell that something may be wrong with a kid when they reject them.  Makes me wonder if she knew Prissy may be sterile?

Yesterday we moved all the Does and kids in a pen together so they could begin to get acquainted.  The black and white girl is only one day old.  The two reddish colored boys are 5 days old.  See what a big girl she is?... I should have gotten the scale out to weigh her.  She's the biggest baby who has ever been born to our does!

The other two are displaying their rock climbing skills on the broken concrete. We keep broken concrete near where they feed to help keep their hooves worn. Saves on having to trim the hooves often.  If there is an easy way....I'm gonna find it!

I'll take some pictures of the two new babies without towels when I go back outside.  I also want to take pictures of the vegetable garden.  It is so pretty.  I also have to get the area for the beehives ready.  Won't be long until the bees are shipped.  I've got to remember to warn our post office!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Congratulations on the new additions to your herd!

    1. Thank you GS...I am thrilled to be getting little does this year. Last year it was almost all bucks.

  2. They are cute little boogers indeed. Mamma Bear, you have a nice farm, I do envy you. God bless.

    1. Thanks Stephen....Nothing but work but I love it!


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