Thursday, March 15, 2012

Where are the Bees?

Our supplies keep trickling in a little at a time.  Everything but the bees that is!  Today our bee suits came.  Since being on prednisone I had gained weight so I ordered a large.  I think a medium would have worked but at least it will be loose to work in.  I know one is hot!  It will for sure be an early morning job working the hives.  I hope I eventually get comfortable enough to only use a veil but for now I want to be covered from head to toe and this suit does the trick!

I could not talk Papa Bear into modeling his suit today.  I will show you his cute self later!

I am so anxious to get started I may just try to talk Papa Bear into helping me build a trap.

I did go to the Beekeeping Club meeting Tuesday night.  I loved it.  I just listened to all of those experts and just soaked up a little more knowledge.

Beehave everyone!


  1. You look very good in your bee suit...hope they arrive soon.

  2. Why thank you kind sir! I did feel all professional like......LOL

  3. I am not sure if anyone has told you yet. But the hood part of the bee suit can not be washed or it will fall apart. At least that is what they told us when we picked ours up at the bee place.
    Love your blog.

    1. Thanks for the reminder Anonymous. The hood completely unzips from the suit. I think I remember reading to just wipe the hood off with a damp cloth. Thanks for coming by!


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