Monday, March 19, 2012

Dirty, Rotten ,Scoundrels

Someone stole our debit card number.  I apparently charged $99.00 to I tunes this morning in California and 15 minutes later I charge $24.95 to Bell South in Mississippi.  Boy I was getting around wasn't I?  It's a good thing that 2 charges from 2 different states came with-in a few minutes of each other or the fraud center may not have caught it.  We are lucky these criminals weren't too smart.  It was still almost 6 hours after the fact that I was notified.  Now I have to go to my bank and file fraudulent papers and hope I can get our money back.    Papa Bear used the card at the feed store and I used it once at the truck stop this month.  I can't remember anyone being near me to have taken a picture of the number when I purchased gas but of course there are camera's everywhere so even an employee may have gotten it.  Papa Bear said there were people behind him at the feed store when he used his.  We have dealt with the same employees at the feed store so I don't think it was one of them.  Of course it could have been taken months ago and the number was just sold.  I don't know how all that works. 

We will all have to be more careful of our surroundings.  Someone can be pretending to be talking on the phone all the while taking pictures of your numbers.  You never know.   Papa Bear wants us to stop using the plastic and just deal in cash.  I know we should but it sure is going to be a pain in the caboose.


  1. I never ever use my debit card except at the ATM. I would prefer to have a debit card that did not even work as a credit card, but I have been too lazy to see if my CU will give me one.

  2. That stinks! So glad you caught it quick and got it taken care of. Sure is scary.


  3. I forgot, read about the RFID chip here. All credit cards have them but there are ways to disable it. These cards with the RFID chip can be scanned by others without it being out of your pocket. Farmer Hubby takes an ice pick type of tool and hammers it right through the chip to destroy it. The card is still usable, we did this 2 years ago when we received our first card with an RFID chip. Of course always use caution when standing in line using your card but there are other ways now that a thief can obtain your info. The site below gives info on RFID

  4. That happened to senior....someone charged airline tix to Arizona....we have never been and do not know people there. Senior had a heck of a time proving it and had to contact the airline to get the charges removed. Was really awful.. so good luck


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