Monday, March 12, 2012

Monday, Monday

As my life is at home and I do not have to go into the outside world on a daily basis, I very seldom have a "Monday"....until today.

I had a 9:45 appointment with our family lawyer. The office is about 45 minutes from my house.  I left 30 minutes early so I could make a quick stop by Lowe for a few items.  Good thing I left early.  I took the back roads to get there as it is a nice country drive.  I haven't traveled this road in monthsI noticed there were hardly any cars or trucks on the road.  After I had went about 30 miles, almost to the road I take to go into town there is a barricade across the road informing me that it is closed.  really  .  There is nothing for me to do but turn around and head back the road just traveled and go by way of interstate.

When I left home I had a little of a quarter tank of gas so I thought when I get to the interstate I will fill up.  I  am still OK time wise...just can't go to Lowes before my appointment.  That will have to wait until I get through.  While driving I am reaching into my purse for my wallet to get a credit card out when a cold chill hits me.  I had taken my wallet out to make a purchase over the internet last night and it was still laying on my desk.  I call Papa Bear and ask him did he think I could make it there and back with only a quarter tank of gas.  He thinks so but will be on stand-by in case I need rescuing.  I am thinking...better not speed even in the slightest.  I conceal carry....No drivers license and no CCL with me. 

I make it to my appointment with 5 minutes to spare.  I had on a nice pair of slacks and blouse and looked down in the floor board to put on the heels I thought I had brought with me.  Of course I had forgotten them.  I have on my white Niki's with florescent green trim.  Can anything else possibly go wrong?   Of course....My personal records needed updating at the attorneys office.  Could they please make a copy of my drivers license?

I made it back home on fumes with no other issues.

I am going to take a nap.


  1. after the "Monday" you have had Mamma - you deserve that nap!

    your friend,

    1. Sorry to piggyback onto Kymber's comment. Blogger doesn't like me lately and never gives me a 'Post Comment' button.

      Oh what a MONDAY! Look at the bright side. You did not run out of gas. You did NOT get pulled over and have to explain operating a motor vehicle and possessing a firearm ...whilst (at the moment) possessing credentials for neither one. Those things considered, I think it all turned out rather well!

      : )

    2. to piggy-back on HossBoss's comment - at least you managed to spell your name right today. i wrote:

      "your friend,

      dear me. i am having a bad monday too! hope you had a nice nap, Mamma!

      your friend (who really can spell her own name sometimes),

    3. Thank you "klymber" and HB...I never did get a nap...LOL can piggyback anytime. Love all the comments from my cyber buddies.


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