Friday, December 16, 2011

More Homemade Gift Ideas

Last year, after Christmas, the Dollar General near my home put all of their Christmas items on sale.  I checked the store every few days to see how low the prices were marked for that day.   I eventually purchased these items for 10 cents each.  I have the little Christmas houses and baskets to put goodies in and also the bakery bags that come 6 to a pack.  I probably bought about 30 of the houses and baskets, brought them home set them down in a clean plastic bag and boxed them up.  This coming week I will be putting them to good use.

 I have been baking up a storm.  Fresh loaves of bread, coconut pound cakes (not shown) and coconut cookies.  I am using a lot of coconut as that is also an item I got on sale at the Dollar General last year and put it in the freezer.  The first few bags I got for 30 cents each.  A few days later I had my daughter check the stores near her.  They were an unbelievable 10 cents a bag.  Each bag has 4 cups of flaked coconut!  Boy did I score on that one.

A dozen cookies will fit perfectly in one of the little houses and the little Christmas baskets.  The neighborhood kids, bus drivers, teachers, mail lady etc will get one of these treats.  I'll also put a couple into the Tote Bags I am making up for family and friends.


  1. it's always good to get great deals! People need to think ahead of the game instead of just impulse buying or getting things just when they need them!
    Those look great!

  2. Exactly HP... I love finding bargains like this! I don't care for the day after Christmas shopping at the big box stores. The Dollar store is only 2 miles from my home and you can find a few good things there.

    I'd rather do what I am doing than buy something cheap made in China that will break in an hour or two.

  3. Just LOVE IT! I wiil have to check my dollar stores after the holidays. THANKS


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