Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Snowman Cupcake Cake

GS was asked to bring cupcakes to school for his Christmas party.  I found a picture of pull apart cupcakes made in the shape of a snowman.  Unfortunately there were just scant directions in the comment section but daughter said she could do it.

 While the cupcakes were baking she melted chocolate chips in the microwave, added  black paste used to color icing and poured it on wax paper in the shape of a hat she had drawn on the opposite side of the paper.  A carrot nose was free formed using melted orange chocolate.  The wax paper was slipped onto a piece of cardboard and placed in the freezer for the melted chocolate to re-harden.

She next laid out the shape of the snowman with the cupcakes and put a dab of frosting on the bottom of the cupcakes to make them stick to the cake board so they would not move around.

She added powdered sugar to the ready made vanilla frosting to make it thicker.

Using a number 32 tip and pastry bag, she began in the center of the snowman going round and round.

GS sprinkle white sparkling sugar decorations over the icing to make the snowman "frosty" looking.

Oreo cookies were placed for the snowman's buttons.

After drawing an outline with black icing, green icing was then piped on for the scarf.

Mini red M&M's were placed for the scarf's polka dots.

A pink marshmallow was cut in half for the cheeks.

The orange chocolate carrot nose was placed.The left over melted chocolate from the hat was used to make the "two eyes made out of coal".  The photo lying on the table above the cake is the one we copied from the web as something to kind of go by.

The hat that has hardened was sprinkled with black shiny sprinkles and placed on the snowman's head.  Green icing from the scarf was used as trim for the hat.  Regular size red M&M's were used for holly berries on the hat.  Daughter used more of the left over red mini M&M's to form the mouth.

We were in a hurry to finish up another project so I took only one photo of the finished cake and it doesn't do it justice.  Daughter and grandson did a wonderful job on the cake.  I took it to school for grandson's Christmas party, Daughter later joined him.  Grandson's class mates enjoyed it very much!

There were a few left over cupcakes .  Grandson decorated  a few, ate one and declared them good!


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