Sunday, January 5, 2014

Planting a Vineyard

My Muscadine grapes are an overgrown mess.  I missed pruning a couple of years.  They grew too many canes.  Weeds and blackberry bushes took over the area and they had grown into a deer netting we had up.  I am not even going to show you a picture of this disaster.  Last week I attempted to cut some of these back.   I found several vines running along the ground that had taken root so I dug four of them out of the ground and put them in a bucket of water.  A day or two later I found out that they did not like sitting in water so I took them out of the water and wrapped them in damp paper towels until I could plant them.  Today was the day if I have not killed them.  My almanac also said it was a good planting day for above ground crops.  I am starting an entire new vineyard and maybe this time I can actually keep them under control and take care of them properly.

For each vine, I began by removing the grass from about a three foot area and loosened the soil about two feet deep.

I then worked in a five gallon bucket of goat poop compost for each hole.

I had help.

Lots and lots of help.

I placed a PVC pipe in the hole.You could use a stake or post.  I happen to have a ton of PVC from when we had the nursery.

I then set the little grape vine against the PVC and back filled it with soil.

The inspector making sure I did it right.

This bucket is empty...when are we getting more poop?

I bought these Thompson Seedless grape vines from Sam's Club the other day just to see if I could grow them.  I understand they won't be as large as the store bought ones as those are sprayed with some kind of acid to make them bigger.  All the more reason to grow my own.  Thompson seedless can be used for yummy fresh eating, wine making and also raisins

All four vines had a much larger root system than the Muscadine vines I dug up.  I hope mine make it!

All eight vines are in the ground and watered.  I was going to put down some paper and mulch them but I run out of ump!  This creeping crud of a cold or bronchitis has kicked my butt so I am proud of what I accomplished.

This spring when we see if they made it we will put in post and cables for the vines to grow on.

The temps were in the high 60's today but we are dropping back into a freeze for the next 2 days.  Say hello to Gore if you see him and tell him we are freezing here in NW Florida  and to please send us some global warming our way!

Excuse me... I've got a puppy to give a bath to if he plans on coming inside today.


  1. Just let me know when I can get a bottle of vintage "mamas merlot" I should this to senior and now i think he is interested in checking our Sams for the grape vines.

    1. Oh yeah...homemade wine...yum yum! Good price at Sams. Less than $15.00 for four vines and it is a good time of the year for planting them. I read on someones blog that they got grapes the first year but I think that is highly unlikely but watch out next year!

  2. I bought a couple of the Sams plants a few years ago and never got around to planting them in the ground but they are still going strong in some huge old pots the Mrs. eventually stuck em in.

    1. Did they ever make grapes?

      I'm going to see if I can dig up a couple of more of the Muscadine grapes and plant them next to the Plazebo you can see in the picture behind the golf cart. I have tried flowering vines there with no luck so maybe a grape vine will grow and have some grapes to boot! I'll have to add a trellis across the sides.

  3. I saw the Thompson seedless last year & definitely plan to buy some in hopes they will grow in our area too. Thanks for the reminder. What a cute pup!

  4. I do hope they grow for us too! I have seen several sites with different zones they grow in so who knows? They were less than $4.00 each so it is not an expensive experiment...just a little labor planting them. Good time of the year to plant them too!

    Yeti has been with us for 2 weeks tomorrow and is already spoiled rotten!

  5. Mamma Bear,

    I can't wait to see your posts when these babies start producing grapes later on.
    Your helper is such a sweet little one.
    Give the Marine a hug for me :-)

    1. I am looking forward to an orderly vineyard! Our other vines of Muscadines produced but it was a nightmare to pick them. I still have a lot of jelly made from them. I can keep a lot of kids happy with PB&J sandwiches!


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