Monday, January 6, 2014

How cold is it?

Look at the forecast for tonight and tomorrow.  We are not equipped for this kind of weather.  The wind is blowing very hard at this time.  I am waiting on daylight to start the chores.  It is already bitterly cold.  Real feel tonight is 6 degrees!

  • Currently

    Cloudy 35°
    RealFeel® 25°

  • Today

    Jan 6

    Windy and much colder Hi 41°
    RealFeel 31°

  • Tonight

    Jan 6

    Mainly clear and very cold Lo 18°
    RealFeel 6°

  • Tomorrow

    Jan 7

    Partly sunny and cold Hi 36°
    RealFeel 34°


  1. Mamma Bear,

    It's cold here out in the plains. We are 4 degree's with a wind chill making it feel like - 4 degrees. Our truck started this morning but refused to shift in drive for a while, lol

    We lost electric for a brief moment, staying warm here and hunkering down. The guys had to go to work, so it's nice to have a quiet house.

    1. Sandy...I sound like a wimp with all of the cold weather and snow you guys have but we don't have clothing for this type of weather. When I went out to do chores I left my flannel pj's under my jeans. I had on a turtle neck sweater with a hoodie on top of that and then the warmest jacket I could find plus some light gloves. I was still freezing and tonight and tomorrow is even worse. The county is in a meeting now to see if they should cancel school tomorrow. Kids here do not have warm enough clothing to be standing out waiting for buses or walking to school. Expecting wind chill factor of 6 degrees in the morning. It's really bad. The wind has the turbines on top of the house howling!

  2. I agree Mama... I spent most of yesterday afternoon shopping for a new coat for our oldest, I bought his current coat three years ago and it is now too it is getting passed down to the little one. I went to 4 stores and did not find anything. very frustrated and mad. So I guess kids are just supposed to freeze.
    . Our feel like temp in the morning is suppose to be 5 degrees, so when Senior gets home this afternoon we are going to hit some of the out doors stores like "gander mountain" worse case I get him a hunting type jacket for kids..which I know he will love.

    1. I am sure your big boy would love a hunting jacket. Makes me mad how the stores rush the seasons even if they did have warm clothes to begin with. There are bikinis, shorts and tank tops out. I went looking for a pair of boots that didn't have spike heels. Mostly saw sandals and flip flops. There were a few left over boots that my dogs probably wouldn't even chew.

  3. On the up side if you get some really low temps it might clean out all those foreign snakes, rats and other introduced species. Maybe even a few Liberals with it :)

    1. We did need a good freeze to kill off some bugs. I just wish it had not lasted as long as it did. Would be nice if it got cold enough way down south to kill all of those Boa's and Pythons people have turned loose.


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