Thursday, December 19, 2013


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My letter sent by email was returned from A&E's server.  I read other blogs where folks were trying to call A&E and the lines have been busy all day.  Just hoping it will do some good.


  1. Senior told me the family made over 400 million on just the walmart deal.. How awesome would it be if they went out and either purchased A&E or bought all the controlling stock..

    The family put out a statement that they will pretty much not do the show without Phil. And I am sure there are other channels chomping at the bits to get them on board...they are the highest rated TV who wouldnt want those ratings.

  2. Someone made a comment on their blog that DD had become a 30 minute long Walmart commercial. I don't see it but then again I do not go to Walmart that often. The last time I did I saw DD stuff everywhere. It would be awesome to purchase your own network. One could do as one pleased as long as they did not have to answer to stockholders!


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