Wednesday, December 25, 2013

A Wonderful Blessed Christmas!

The Marine had a blast today opening gifts.  He scored on the funny shirts today.  He loves the ones with the funny sayings.

 He received socks with deer on them.

And wanted to wear them immediately.

 The marines sister got him this crazy thing called a Horri-Ballz.  This one is called the ninjaah. You bop him on the head and he vibrates and makes a lot of ninja noises.

 One of my presents was a funny t-shirt too!  

Papa Bear got one too!

 Our funnest family present has been the new Great Pyrenees puppy!  He is 8 weeks old today on Christmas day.

He's so calm and laid back.  We named him Yeti.

Christmas Eve we had a small family gathering.  My daughter and family had to get to the airport to pick up her boyfriends family who flew in from California.  I was busy in the kitchen so did not get their pictures.  Here are a few of the rest of the gang.

Our niece and also the Marines assistant

Our great nephew

 Our great niece

My Mom...aka Mimmie

and our big guy....Papa Bear.  I really need to get that man a Santa suit!

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!


  1. Love the T-shirts but & am so glad that The Marine likes them too but I have to say that is the most beautiful calm pup I have seen on Christmas Day.

    1. Thanks DFW..The Marine had a blast and we all think the puppy is adorable! Now if I could just get him to chew his bones instead of everything else.

  2. Replies
    1. Isn't he just the cutest GS? He finally came out of his shell a bit yesterday and played with the Marine's Rat Terrier. She will be a year old on the 29th of this month and he is 8 weeks and about 5 times her size!

  3. Merry Christmas, the Marine looks so happy and yes Papa Bear needs a Santa Suit. Enjoy your little Polar Bear Puppy, he won't stay little long, great dogs, love mine. Great pictures of your family, thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks TL.....Our Grandson is convinced his Grandpa is the "real" Santa and gets a lot of grief from his classmates because of this. Grandpa just tells him that when he grows up he will take over the job of being Santa.

      Yeti does look like a little Polar Bear! Do you allow yours inside? When I picked him up the lady said to put him straight in the barnyard with the animals. I did not have the heart to do this. It was cold and raining and he's just a baby. I hope I didn't make a mistake. He does prefer laying on the porch when it's hot inside but loves our tiled bathroom floor too.

  4. Sweet Mamma Bear,
    T-Shirts are just wonderful for gifts......the funnier the saying the better!!!!
    I'm so happy to hear you had a beautiful Christmas celebration with family.
    I would have to agree, Papa Bear could be a younger Santa :-) Maybe Santa's brother??
    Yeti at 8 weeks old is a big puppy, can't wait to see how big he gets when he's grown up.
    Give the Marine a hug for me :-) Please tell him I said thank you for modeling his T-Shirts and socks. This Horri-Ballz looks very interesting, don't sit it down it may start kicking butt the ninja way!!!
    Sending hugs to you all,
    Your Friend,

  5. Sweet Sandy...A few years ago Papa Bear, the Marine and I were strolling through the mall when we turned and saw a man running behind us yelling please stop! We didn't know he was talking to us. The man offered Papa Bear a job as the mall's Santa...too funny. Papa Bear loves kids but can't stand the thought of all those sniffling, runny noses. (He's a germaphobic) so he turned them down.. Grandson volunteered him for the cub scouts party. When the scout master asked my daughter she laughed and told him no...there was no need to even ask him...LOL

    We had a great Christmas and hope all of you did too! I am sure there will be a lot of Yeti pictures in the future!
    Hugs to you, Bulldog Man and Tank

  6. Sorry...I am just now getting caught up on my blog reading... So happy to see you all had a Merry Christmas...the Marine looks like he had a blast.

    I LOVE the puppy and his name...I will have to remember that one...

    And yes Papa Bear needs the big red suit

    1. We did have a grand time! The puppy is a trip! It's like having a newborn in the house and having to get up with him every 2 or 3 hours! He absolutely refuses to sleep through the night and whines until you go out with him or pay attention to him. wouldn't be so bad if he would sprawl out in the guest bathroom but he likes our bathroom as it is the coldest room in the house and he sprawls out right next to the toilet! He really does love the cold weather.


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