Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Hold the Cheese!

Today, after my niece arrived to care for the Marine and Papa Bear and I finished the morning chores we drove to Chipley to Tractor Supply.  We have plans to fence in another couple of acres for the bucks to have some green stuff on which to browse.  It is much needed for more reasons than one.  We found that out a couple of weeks ago. 

At this time we have 4 fenced in areas and everything resembling green stuff has been eaten.  My does with kids (the milkers) are on one side of our property and two of the fenced in areas are side by side on the backside of our property.  A big shelter with a fence line down the center divides my younger does from the bucks.  We didn't pay any attention that the hay had built up in the corner and our new buck Rudy politely gave a little leap and was over the fence and had his way with at least one of the young does.  She is almost 80 pounds so I am not worried about her health, I just wasn't expecting it.  If she was impregnated we can expect a kid(s) the last week in July.   Such fun!..Never a dull moment here!  So a new area is in order so the bucks won't be near the girls except when they are put away at night and it will give them a new area of green and we'll get more of the property cleared.

I of course forgot my list I had made prior to going to Tractor Supply so I did a quick add up in my head of what we needed plus we added some things that were not on the list.  When the lady rang our purchases up I asked her if she was sure she had everything because I expected my order to be several hundred dollars more than was the total.  We double checked the fencing and t post and all was there.  When we went out to the loading area I immediately saw two things that I had forgotten, two gates.  Papa Bear said to lets see what the truck looked like with the 75 post and 3 rolls of 200 feet of fencing and if there was room we would go back in and pay for the gates.  Well... it was a good thing I didn't get the gates as the truck was loaded to the max.  We really should have brought the trailer.

It was lunch time when we finished.  I asked Papa Bear if he wanted o splurge and get a burger.  There is a Sonic just down from Tractor Supply.   We have been dieting since January 2nd so a burger and fries would be a big splurge for us.  We park at the little menu board and it has changed since our last visit to Sonic.  You got to remember we don't get out much.....There are no hamburgers on the menu only cheeseburgers.

I like hamburgers and I like cheese but I don't like cheese on my hamburger.  Although Papa Bear is in the drivers seat he asked me to order.  He hates talking into those 2 way speakers plus he doesn't hear that well.  Papa Bear pushed the red button, I wedged myself between him and the steering wheel and after a few seconds a voice asks to take our order.  

I told the speaker beside the little red button that I would like a number 1 with mayo and no cheese.    I further added I did not want ketchup or mustard.  I then ordered a number 2 which is a double cheeseburger for Papa Bear and I told the speaker I wanted cheese on that one.


The speaker came to life and asked me to repeat my order.

I repeated the order again.  Number 1 with mayo, no cheese. Number 2 with cheese. 

Speaker asked if I wanted fries or tater tots with the number 1 cheeseburger and if I wanted fries or onion rings  with the Number 2 cheeseburger.  

I told the speaker we wanted fries and diet cokes with both orders but number 1 was a hamburger not a cheeseburger.


I asked the speaker did they get the order that time.


a different voice comes over the speaker apologizing for the confusion and ask that the order be repeated.  

I repeated it.

speaker comes back on.  That is an order for a number 1 cheeseburger  and 3 Number 2's with fries and how many diet cokes did you want?

How did 3 number 2's get in there? 

Are you freaking kidding me?  How difficult was this to understand.   Was I speaking a foreign language?  

I tried to place the order one more time by telling them there was no hamburgers on their menu only cheeseburgers and I did not want cheese on one of the orders.  Papa Bear told them to forget the order.

The speaker said they were sorry and for us to have a nice day.  

We went up the road to Wendy's which we really don't care for but we were hungry.  We went inside.  Guess what? ..there are no hamburgers on their menu but at least they understood what I wanted.  I remember a time when everything was a hamburger and a little note was beside the price stating that cheese was 20 cents extra. 

The next time (if there is a next time) I will just scrape off the cheese or better yet....grill me a big ol juicy hamburger at home.  Papa Bear can add his own cheese. 


  1. No cheese? Why that's un-American OMG!!!

  2. Replies
    1. I forgot which fast food joint used to advertise, "Have it your way" Sure wasn't Sonic! I guess if the cash register does not have a no cheese key...you can't have it your way and since we were there during school hours, these were not high school kids running the place.

  3. Rudy Ha!!!! What a little stinker! He got the boys some new pasture, they are probally giving him high hooves for that one LOL!!!
    Papa Bear sounds like my husband, I always have to order from the passenger seat!
    It's hard to find good customer service anywhere these days. I prefer to stay home also, the service is better and you know whats been done to your food ☺

    1. High hooves...Too funny!

      I plan on grilling hamburgers this weekend and deep fry a pot of french fries!..I'll be good again come Monday!...bahahahaha

  4. I always order my burgers with no cheese, as I am generally looking for a way to avoid salt. MOST OF THE TIME, they give me EXTRA CHEESE. If I order extra lettuce, I get none. If I order no pickle, I get extra pickle, and the same with mustard. I think it's the cosmos' way of telling me not to eat out anymore, it's just not safe !

    1. I am old enough to remember when businesses would bend over backwards for your business and the customer is always right (even if they weren't) Maybe next time I will try ordering extra cheese and see what happens!

  5. We like you, do not eat out very often and when we do it is to our favorite restaurant in either Destin or Pensacola, McGuires! I will have to purpose to drive through a fast food joint to see this removal of hamburgers.. crazy! I guess they put cheeseburgers only so they can charge more, even if you ask for no cheese.

    WOW. Too funny about Rudy. Perhaps he is just helping with planning and wants you to be in milk longer.. maybe even year round with this breeding!

    1. yep...they certainly are not going to post 20 cents less for cheese are they? bahahaha

      Rudy is strutting his stuff.! Papa Bear is clearing the fence line this week and as soon as we get through with the honey supers we'll start on the new fence. I just thought I'd be through with milking by August!

  6. Customer service seems to be a dying breed. It's sad. I ordered a hamburger one time at a drive thru. I left the parking lot and opened my bag. I took a bite of my burger and to my surprise they forgot the meat. Seriously??

    1. NO Meat?? that's as bad as not knowing how to hold the cheese! bahahaha


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