Thursday, January 5, 2012

Flour Storage Part 2

The oldest flour I could find packed in Mylar bags with a oxygen absorber were from March 6, 2011 so they are only 10 months old.  I opened one up yesterday and there was no odor what so ever and I baked 2 beautiful loaves of bread.  I will keep experimenting opening one of these bags each month or so to see how long it last before it goes rancid.  Using the food saver bags were a bust.  At least for flour stored 3 years in them.  Now I am wondering about other food I have in them.

I love the Mylar type bags I get from the LDS.  They are 7 mils thick.  If you are really into saving,  they can be washed, dried and reused. I wash mine in the dishwasher and then place them over a mason jar on the counter to dry. They are that strong.   I cut them in half for smaller size items I need to store.

I use a iron on a high setting to seal them.  You don't need a fancy machine.

One of my goals this year is to dehydrate a lot of items.  I'll be putting a few things in jars but a majority will go into the Mylar bags.  Dehydrating takes up way less room and are as light as a feather.


  1. Drying is definitely the best when you can.

  2. We use mylar too and I use my straight iron (hair), while the bag sits up I just zip the hot straight across the top back and forth. It's good to read your posts on this, it gives me confidence that what we done is all good.

    Thank you

  3. GS... I think drying will work well especially since I am running out of shelf room for the jars. The things I have dried were put into the large Rubbermaid tubs. The good things about the tubs is they can be stacked.

  4. Sassy... I have wondered if a hair straightener iron would work. Thanks for that info. The next time I am in town I will run by the local goodwill and see if they have one. If not I guess I will break down and go to China Mart (Walmart)

  5. This is the blog for me. I am so interested in this idea, but I am such a linear thinker. I need help with creative ideas to be more self sufficient. My friend Ce, is excellent at this kind of thing also. I am sending her here too.

  6. Thank you agirlandhergun and welcome to my crazy ramblings about our homestead and whatever else comes to mind! I really have enjoyed reading your blog as well. Please do send your friends here...the more the merrier!


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