Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Feed Bag Tote Bag

I am giving homemade goodies to family and friends this Christmas.  Last year I wrapped 3 sides of a box with Christmas wrapping paper and put the goodies in these.   This year I wanted to do something different.  In my search for crafts from feed sacks I came upon the neatest thing.  A tote bag made from feed bags (not the paper ones) but those that look like a tightly woven plastic.  I am making these now to hold the Christmas goodies.  I made this one last night in about 30 minutes.  

I am thinking of all kind of uses for them.  I plan on making a couple for me to keep in my truck for my Sam's Club visits to hold the small items I purchase.  They could be used as book bags or even to throw a few small tools in when you have a project to do and don't want to carry a large tool box around.

Here are the instructions for the Feed Bag Tote Bag.   I like hers much better than mine due to the coloring of her bags but I have a Bazillion of the FRM bags so this is what I will use.  

I found more ideas on this web site,  Tink's Crafts  she makes them and sells them but they are much fancier than the ones I am doing but you could get some good ideas from her photo's.


  1. Thank you Stephen and GS..Papa Bear called it up-cycling! I have made several more. They look much better than the first. I'll post a picture of the new bunch soon!
    Merry Christmas!

  2. I have been thinking about making these myself. Very cool.

  3. Phelan..if you are like me you have feed bags running out of your ears. I put the paper ones down in the garden to control weeds or use as trash bags when we are cleaning up. I have been saving the woven plastic ones to store corn in for the critters if I ever manage to grow enough so far our corn has been people food!

  4. That's definitely something I can do. The only other use I've had for them is using them for added windbreaks when we have extreme wind/rain storms. It helps keep their feed dry.

    1. Stephanie...I have several in my truck. When I go to Sam's club they are my shopping bags. I have also used them in a way as you. They made a great temporary cover over my brooder when we had blowing rain.


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