Monday, September 26, 2011

The turkeys are in their new home!

I am so happy!   We have almost completed two projects this past week.  First the turkey pen.

We sectioned off a 50 x 50 foot of pasture area for the turkeys and fenced it in with 6 foot poultry netting. 

This Camper Shell was about to be hauled off to a land fill so we rescued it.  We thought it would make a fine roof for the turkey house.  Grandson and I are going to side it in with cypress scraps a friend got us from her friends small sawmill.

The turkeys seem to like getting out of their small enclosure and into their large new pen..  They are almost 12 weeks old and have just started fanning their feathers.  Four of them are doing this so I guess we have 4 toms and 2 hens.

Although the eggs I ordered were supposed to hatch out to be Narragansetts.  We had one white with black markings.  I think it may be a Royal Palm.  He fans his feathers out too so I guess it's another tom.  I wonder if I should try to get a few more Royal Palm eggs so he can have a girlfriend of his own kind or maybe I should just name him Thanksgiving or Christmas?


  1. That's definately more toms than you need!

  2. Yum ...Thanksgiving and Christmas! And what a great use of an old camper shell, all kinds of ventilation options! I bet they're lovin' that big yard too. It looks so nice and green. It's been so dry this year, I've only had to mow twice this whole year. It was back in the early spring when the heat wave hadn't cooked everything to a crisp yet.

  3. HB... We normally have to cut the pastures every few weeks but due to lack of rain here we've only cut 3 or 4 times ourselves. We recently had a much needed rain so the grass greened up again. Before then the grass crunched when we walked across it. We were way late in getting our hay this year due to the drought.


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