Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Smart Man

Herman Cains ad has been playing on all the news networks today and he hasn't had to spend a dime of his campaign money to have it aired.  I think that is very smart!


  1. I'm leaning towards him...having said that, I'd vote for a yellow dog over a democrat...

  2. MB - thanks for stopping by our blog this past couple of days and offering concern and providing support. we really appreciated it! and expect to see us here on a regular basis - just give us a few more days to get everything back on the mend.

    thank you so much!

  3. Stephen... We are leaning as well. It is getting very scary. I want BO out of office but I don't want anyone worse in there!

  4. kymber....
    as my friend form Australia says "No Worries". I don't expect comments but I am always thrilled when I get them!

  5. you can expect quite a few from me - i have just been scanning through a few of your previous posts and the recent one about canning the patties - wow! i need to re-read that one again. don't worry - i already printed it - bahahahah!


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