Tuesday, October 25, 2011

American Farmers are going out of business

and I am responsible...are you?

I am so mad at myself.  Usually I check labels very carefully and unless I absolutely have to have something I try not to buy anything that is not from the USA.

The other day I made a run into town to have my blood-work done and went to Sam's Club for a few needed itemsTwo of the items were onions and garlic.  

I have onions frozen and dehydrated but as long as the prices are reasonable at the store, I still buy fresh and use those, saving my frozen and dehydrated ones for hard times.  I do have frozen garlic in the freezer and garlic powder in the pantry and stored foods but I wanted some fresh to plant.  My last years crop was grown, hung up to dry under the shed and accidentally was forgotten and froze  before I found them.  Had to give that mushy mess to the chickens.  I don't buy garlic from seed stores as they charge a ridiculous price for it.  Usually I buy a box of garlic from a place in California (who grows it and sells it) and then I dehydrate, freeze and plant from this garlic. 

While at Sam's Club, I had quickly looked at the labels of the garlic and onions and saw Florida on the garlic and New Jersey on the onions so I purchased them. 
The two pound bags of garlic would be much cheaper than ordering from California and they are nice looking garlic.

Today I picked up one of the bags of garlic and was about to open it to separate the cloves  for planting when staring back at me in big bold print....

Then I looked at the onions.

I now have these items sitting by the front door so I can return them to Sam's Club tomorrow when I go to my doctor for the results of my blood-work.  When the person at the service desk ask me the reason for the return I will tell them.  I will only support American Farmers and their onions are from Peru and the garlic is from China.  I kind of hope they give me a little trouble in the returns as I plan to have the phone numbers of the local television and newspaper with me.  

Onions and garlic can be grown just about anywhere in the US.  There is no reason to be importing these two vegetables from over the oceans.  I planted my onion seed a few weeks ago and I have now ordered my 5 pound box of garlic from California.  I hope to not run out of either one again and be vulnerable to the produce at the stores.


  1. Good for you. I need to get off my lazy rear and plant some garlic too.

  2. I have run into that myself and it makes me furious! Put it out where people can see it. I bought a set of sheets at a store, the company was American. I took out the sheets and tossed them in the washer and dryer. Putting them on the bed, I noted a big tag sewn on them stating they had been made in China! WHY????
    I constantly harp on 1)home made 2)locally made/produced 3)seasonal 4)American. I don't need any Chilian pears or grapes in mid winter or Mexican salads...no wonder we are in trouble in this country!

  3. Anytime you see garlic completely scalped of any and all root material, it comes from China. We allow everything else under the sun to come from there, but no soil?

    Did you know that the US imports dairy from China? And meats?

    This report was from 2007

  4. Most folks don't care until it's their own living that's affected. Bless you for caring.

  5. Good for you!!! I agree with Stephen I need to plant some garlic as well. The stuff I planted last year seemed to be doing well then just rotted away.

  6. Thank you all for the comments.

    I took the items back today and was the only one at the service desk. I was asked if anything was wrong with the items and I said yes....they are from China and Peru and these items are one of the reasons Americans are out of work.

    There was no comment from the sales associate other than to count my money back and tell me to have a nice day....Shucks.... I was looking for a fight.


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