Monday, August 5, 2013

I'm still here!

Have gotten several comments and emails asking for an update.  It's been a busy weird summer of rain, rain, more rain...dirty washed out roads, pond overflowing, greenhouse flooded and did I mention rain?.  New kids (the goat kind) my youngest son home from Afghanistan for a couple of months with daughter in law and grand kids. Much picking and canning in between the floods...did I mention we've had rain!.  Broken truck and broken van.. Working on fencing off 5 more acres for the goats.  Will post an update soon!  I look forward to reading from my blog list and catching up with everyone.

Have a great week!


  1. Mamma Bear,

    Yes you mentioned Rain!!!! OMG, it sounds like the rain has brought havoc to your place with the flooding. I'm glad everyone there is okay (you didn't mention anyone getting hurt from the flooding)just some property damage.

    Congrats on the new kids :-)
    You must be so happy to have your younger soin home from Afghanistan

  2. hey Mamma - we're still all here and glad to have an update from you! do a post when you have time - it sounds like you have been pretty busy with all of that rain! i am glad to hear that you are getting lots of stuff put up, even with the rain! ack - broken vehicles suck! but so glad to hear that youngest, DIL and grandkids are there to keep you busy!

    much love to you, Papa, the Marine and all of the rest of your family! your friend,

  3. I have only just started reading your blog but I enjoy it. I'm glad to see a new post. I'm pretty sure I found your url through a link on Kymber's blog.

  4. Glad to hear that that y'all are surviving. Hopefully some not too painful lessons can be drawn from the rains. Sending you guys are best.

  5. Well your blog is well name, Challeged Survival, take care, glad you have you son, DIL and grandkids there for a visit. Rain, did I mention we have had no rain, nada, none, very, very dry.

  6. We have had that same rain too.. ICk! Getting on our nerves. But now we are in a sort of dry spell for a few days.
    I am happy you are back, I was wondering about you as well, just figured you were like the rest of us and busy.

  7. Hey MamaB, We'll all be here when things calm down. We've been getting rain as well, but at least(for the most part) it tends to dry up just enough to slog out into the garden to pick and then it rains again. It's a busy time of year for lots of folks. And add on car troubles and kids and grandkids and goat kids... yeah.... we'll be here when the dust settles! lol

  8. It's been a pretty nice summer here so hasn't been much chance to bitch about the rain like I always do.

    I took forth place in a shooting match on Saturday, not bad for an old drunk.

  9. Hi,

    Hope all is well on your end. I cannot remember what year Christmas Bears you were missing, I saw one yesterday in really good shape from 1988, but seems to me the ones you were looking for were from the 90's, I wrote it down somewhere but that was months ago, if you are still looking and want to send me the missing years I will keep my eye out for one since now is the time to look .....

  10. Mama Bear nice to see you again Sweetie!!!!
    How's my favorite Marine doing??
    It was raining here the other day, now it's beautiful for the weekend. Expecting more rain Monday through Wednesday.

    We went out to the range this morning to run some ammo through our guns and practice target shooting again. Every month or so we do this to make sure we remember how to shoot, lol.......

    It sounds as if you've been very busy, when things slow down drop on by okay.

  11. Dearest Mamma Bear,

    I understand. Life can keep us busy, and it can be hard to find the time to post. Always glad to hear from you. Have a wonderful Autumn.


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