Monday, February 11, 2013


I never got around to posting any pictures of the boys in their Indian Bonnets I made them for Christmas.  The feathers were saved when we dry plucked our Thanksgiving Turkey.

I made some horns from felt and sewed them to the side of the headband on this one.

Great nephew did not know he was getting one.  He thought he had only been modeling for sizing for the one I made grandson.  It was fun making these and giving them as handmade gifts.


  1. Those are amazing!!!! I bet those boys will treasure them!

  2. Great job on those feather head bands!

  3. Mamma Bear,

    Great work, the boys are going to love them.

  4. Thanks all! I have a Palm turkey with beautiful black and white feathers. I think I will make me one and go on the warpath with the boys!

  5. How awesome! You did an amazing job on those! I love them.


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