Sunday, November 4, 2012

Republicans Rocked the House!

What a great time we had last evening at the Victory Rally featuring Paul Ryan.  My camera was not behaving so I only have a few good pictures.  

 The Marine got special seating which was great because no one could stand in front of him to block his view.

 Our Congressman Steve Southerland came over to chat a couple of minutes.   

Congressman Southerland is doing a great job in Washington so he gets my vote for another term.  He gave a great talk at the rally and got the crowd stirred up!
 He thanked the Marine for his service.  Papa Bear didn't get the camera adjusted in time to get the Marine in the photo.

 My niece and great niece was there.

as was my great nephew.

 My Mom and her friend.

 A couple of young ladies from church.  Whoops...she turned just as I snapped the picture.

 another shot of some of our group.  That's Papa Bear with the gorgeous white hair and beard.

 Connie Mack who is running for State Senator to join Rubio!

 Paul Ryan and his family arrived.   What a great talk he gave and really got the crowd excited!

and last but certainly not least.  The Lord was there and gave us this beautiful sunset!

2 More Days!


  1. Very nice and what a wonderful group of family and friends. I know we are going to win this.

    1. Thanks PP. I am feeling really hopeful for the first time in a long time!

      One more day!

  2. Mamma - i am so glad that you and your group had such a good time! i am also glad that the Marine was acknowledged and thanked for his service! and holy moly - that Papa Bear is one gorgeous man!!!!

    your friend,

    1. Kymber...we did have a great time and thank you so much for thinking Papa Bear is as handsome as I think he is. You and I have some very handsome fellows in our lives.

    2. Mamma - i even showed jambaloney Papa's picture...and i said - "oh wow - look - Mamma put up a pic of Papa Bear". jambaloney read the caption that you wrote beside the pic and he said "yep. she's right. that really is some gorgeous hair and beard".

      we are lucky women Mamma!

  3. remember, republican or democrat, both parties are spending us into oblivion and taking away our Creator given natural rights

    1. Anonymous...we are not so naive to think Romney is going to wave a magic wand and everything will be fixed. The US is too far gone and as you said "both parties" fault. I do believe Romney will slow things down if given a chance and give us a little more breathing room before the collapse. Romney is still a better choice than the socialism agenda of Obama.


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