Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Blogger is being stupid today

I wanted to post with a bunch of pictures of our Thanksgiving holidays but blogger is not letting me upload my pictures so I will just say "howdy" everyone and hope you are having a peaceful week.  

I see I have two new readers.  Thank you Maggie Haren 
and Rob's Bunker  for hitting the follow button.   Run over to their sites and tell them hello from Mamma Bear!

I'll give everyone an update from the homestead as soon as blogger lets me do the picture thing!


  1. Yeoldfurt got fed up with blogger's stupid days and went to Wordpress, but it has it's faults too. Pictures or not, always happy to see you post, Mamma Bear!

    : )

  2. Hey HB...Haven't figured out how to post comments on word press. I saw the other day when Yeoldfurt posted it was your birthday and wasn't able to post a comment so here is my belated birthday wishes and birthday {{{hugs}}}!

  3. I agree GS! Seems like on the days I have time to do something..blogger doesn't work!

  4. "Blogger is being stupid today "


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