Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Notify Me on Blogger

I have been away too long so don't know how long the new "Notify Me" has been on bloggers comment section but I am so glad it's been added.  Depending on how you have your blog set up, people can click and check the little box and be notified of a comment without having to leave a comment.  There were a lot of times I wanted to read the conversation going on in the comments from a bloggers post but didn't have a comment myself.  I felt like a stalker going back and forth to some blogs everyday just to read the comments!  A few of the blogs I read still has a separate window to click on notify me by email.  You do have to leave a comment on these blogs in order to be notified of a new comment.  99% of the time I forget to click this and still have to "stalk" that blogger...


  1. Stalkers are highly under valued. Those times when the rest of the world lets you down stalkers can be relied on for cheap entertainment and even an occasionally new experience. All that and they are usually nearby to boot.

    Of course there is the occasional pet murder and the late night phone calls.

  2. I was gonna leave a comment but I'm still laughing at PP's musings!!!!
    if I don't run into you while stalking blogs I'll wish you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving.

    1. Sci...I'll be stalking around somewhere.hahahah
      Hope you and Mars have a very Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Well if your stalkers name happens to be Nichole.

    Call the police.

    1. OK...who's Nichole? An "X" perhaps or a code word for something I can't remember....hahahaha

  4. i dont stalk and lurk i would mias out in all the gossip and entertainment I think the name Claire is another creepy stalker name...

    1. I gotta ask the same as I did Preppie...Who's Claire? Guess I've never seen Nichole or Claire. Glad my name is not either of these or I would be "the" stalker!

    2. I have no idea who PP is talking about, unless Nichole is his former stalker...I just think the name "Claire " screams "I am a knife yielding psycho "

    3. Well I don't think I have ever met a Claire that I would have placed in the Datable category to begin with. So no Claire experiences here.

      Nichole's however. Man don't go there. I learned my lesson with each one over and over again until it finally sunk in the Name is just bad Joo Joo.

      The last Nichole I dated embezzled hundreds of thousands of dollars from her employer before disappearing off the face of the earth. Which I might add then promptly placed me into a suspect position to the point I was actually questioned about her where abouts and if I had any of the money (Answer was no to each). Literally the cops suspected it was a partner type thing and I offed her and kept all the money.

      She stalked me though long distance after a few months but pretended to be somebody else but eventually I figured it out and she turned up in Japan married to some kid in the Air Force who was 19 years old, she was 38 at that time. I told the cops where she was but they never checked on it even though by this time she had a felony bench warrant out on her.

      A year or so after that she started showing up in porn movies here and there but had used my address as a contact. This invited yet another visit by the LEOs looking for her.

      Soon after that she disappeared once again after being arrested trying to get back into the country in Maryland. She then skipped her bail and vanished as usual only to resurface about 3 years ago in South Africa of all places.

      I haven't heard from her in about four years now and I hope it stays that way.

      That was just one crazy A$$ Nichole. I got plenty of Nichole stories trust me.

    4. PP...that is terrible. Guilty by association! I hope a Nichole never comes back to haunt you!

    5. Glock Mom... You must have a bad remembrance of a Claire in your life. Mine is Norma...Now that woman was psycho!

  5. stalk.........

    Thanks for stopping by today. I'm adding your blog to my "links" sidebar.

    Also - good luck in the frost. I'm keeping my fingers crossed on behalf of my citrus.

    1. hahaha. David the Good!...stalk away. Enjoyed reading some of your blog today and have added it to my reading list. As soon as I figure out how to do it again I'll add you to my home page. I suffer from that CRS disease.

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