Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Boys being boys during Thanksgiving Holiday

After yesterdays downpour, we have not been out of the 40's all day today and the windchill factor has been in the 30's.  It is downright cold here in Florida.  This is more like our January weather.  My pictures aren't the greatest as I snapped them from my phone.

This morning grandson and great nephew took off with the golf cart and ran the battery down so I didn't have it for a ride to distribute hay.  We got the little John Deere and hooked the garden trailer to it and filled it with hay.

The boys got about 5 hayrides distributing hay to all the critters.  They were my hay holder downers!  Grandson had to wear his Sunday shoes with his camo's.  Yesterday he stepped in mud at the pond and got stuck.  Both boots were full of mud.  That's them in the first photo drying.

Grandson found him a warm spot while I loaded the little trailer.

After the morning chores were done, the boys found an old set of steps and drug them to the barn.  They placed them next to a hay roll to have access to the top. Underneath the steps was used for their bunker.

They played on the rolls of hay for most of the day.  When we made them come inside they were still full of energy and not ready to slow down.

I got the Christmas tree up and strung the lights.  After that I turned the decorating over to the boys.  They are doing a very good job.

The Marine has lounged in his bunny pajamas and supervised the entire ordeal.  Don't tell him I posted a picture of the big, tough Marine in bunny pajamas!  Hope you all are having as much fun with family and friends as we are during the Thanksgiving holidays! 

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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