Sunday, June 9, 2013

Back to Eden Garden Project Update

I am continually amazed with the Back to Eden Garden Project.  This is a photo of the garden taken exactly 3 weeks ago.

 This is a photo I took yesterday.  Although I planted the last row of onions 4 feet from the squash,  the squash is running over into the onion row!

The tomatoes are laughing at the 4 foot baskets I placed around them.  You can no longer see them.

The tomato plants are loaded with tomatoes I would venture to say there are over 30 tomatoes or more on each plant.

I am harvesting yellow squash daily.  The plants are loaded with blooms and vegetables.

 I will need to start picking and canning the jalapenos soon.

I enclosed a small area with cinder blocks, lined it with newspaper and dumped goat poop and broken down hay in it for my experiments with reclaimed onions and garlic. 

It's working.  I found my first onion sprout yesterday.

I haven't did the pineapple in Eden style yet but I at least have 3 pineapple that have started forming and growing.

Although I was a month late with everything, I am pleased with my results so far.  I hope everyone who planted is having a successful garden season! 


  1. Oh my, everything looks great!

  2. oh Mamma - everything looks fantastic! i have got a big old pile of seaweed to use as mulch for my beds as well as comfrey growing all over the place...i will cut the comfrey leaves and use them as mulch as well. but your eden method is obviously working out well for you! i can't believe that you already have tomatoes!!!!

    your friend,
    (big hug to you and Papa and that gorgeous Marine!)

    1. Thanks kymber...I wish I could go to the bay and get a truckload of seaweed. It is fantastic for your garden. I have a lot of Spanish moss in the oak trees. I think I may try that on one row to see how well it breaks down.

      The tomatoes are doing great. I imagine we'll have some of the smaller salad tomatoes ripe in a week or so. I am loving the Eden garden. I think this week we'll have this small one completed. Wait until you see the signs Mom ordered for my birthday to go into the gardens. When I get everything pretty I'll post a picture.

      Hugs to you and jambaloney

  3. The Back to Eden method is supposed to be less labor intensive WITH better crops. It looks like it is true. I have been blogging about this, wishing I could use this method. I love how the plants are growing. Do you find you use less water, too?

    1. Linda...once you get it started it is less labor intensive and self supporting. I won't kid you now and tell you it is easy. We are nowhere that the wood chips can be delivered so we cut trees, branches and chip our won. The manure requires raking and pitchforking in the goat stalls and pasture. We also are putting newspaper down as we go to smother any weed seed sprouting. I expect my fall garden and next year to be a whole lot better. I want to be like Paul and throw my tiller away!

      We have had some rain but I have only turned the sprinkler on 3 times this month and I think that was from habit and not trusting the garden to provide. I think it would have been fine had I not watered.

  4. Your squash looks like my cucumbers....exploding..ha ha. It all looks really good.

    1. Thanks Glock Mom....The squash have the biggest and healthiest leaves I have seen. I just transplanted some very large cuke vines Mom wanted moved out of her raised bed. I thought they were going to die but it now looks like they are going to pull through. We need more pickles!

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks OJD...with your upcoming move to the farm you are going to be learning a whole heap of new lessons! If there is anyway to score wood chips where you are it! I wish I had known this when I was younger.


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