Monday, April 8, 2013

Bee-utiful Sunday

Papa Bear was riding around the property testing out the truck after repairing the radiator He called me to say that there were a few bees around the SE trap!

A few minutes later he called to tell me there were a few bees checking out the SW trap.  I wanted to see! Papa Bear picked me and the grandson up. We checked all the traps and all five of the traps we have up had some activity around them.  I do hope the bees liked the traps and move in this week.  How exciting!  It will be awesome if we are outside and be able to see a swarm go into one of them.

I will be getting ready just in case and setting up more brood boxes in the apiary today.


  1. Around here if it rains in the morning and then begins to clear up and get hot I can count on a swarm coming out of a hive. Evening are when I seem to see swarms come into my traps. I had the privilege of witnessing two incoming swarms into my traps last year while I was standing there looking at them.

    1. Preppy...I am afraid the ones we saw were our own bees....we had a swarm today!

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    1. Sandy...It must have been scouts from our own hive as we had a swarm today but were lucky enough to catch it. We checked the traps this evening and not a bee in sight. We'll see what tomorrow brings!

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    1. Hey my sweet baby boy! I love you right back. Stay safe! Honey coming in soon and will get a package off to you.


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