Sunday, September 9, 2012

Their Terms...Not mine!

A few days ago we moved our Nubian buck Macho into the breeding pen with two of our does.  These two were the only ones that were to be bred this fall. 

Macho had other plans.   Last night he busted in the pen with 3 of our other does.  I guess I don't have to tell you the rest of the story.......Stay tuned until February.


  1. What is the saying about "best laid plans" LOL, well if you can get him separated again he may have only got to one other doe. Staying tuned until February .................

  2. TL....since he got in there sometimes in the middle of the night, we just left him. Some of my does I can never tell they are pregnant until about the 4th month and by that time we've stopped milking and feeding extra good stuff to them. We'll just plan on more kids than I thought. I always ask the Lord to bless our little homestead and give to us what we need. I guess we need more kids!

  3. Ah, come on, a fella needs to have some fun.

    1. LOL...Macho had a lot of fun last fall. He sired 11 kids!

  4. That fellow really gets a around. Well you know what mrs. duggar says about too many kids right? : "Saying there are too many kids, is like saying there is too many flowers"

  5. LOL Glock Mom...I had to Google Mes. Duggar to see what you were talking about! I hardly ever watch TV and thought you were hooked up to a blog who has lots and lots of "Kids" (baby goats!)

    My stepfather had an aunt and uncle who had 18 children and there was only one set of twins. The twins and I were in the same class growing up. I loved going to their house. There was always something exciting going on.

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