Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Go Eat Worms

We don't celebrate Halloween but the grandchildren do and I sometimes have to make things for my grandsons school party. Last year we made Witches Fingers cookies that were fun. 

This morning, I found this edible "bowl of worms" on the web that may be fun for Halloween.  Here are the instructions located at Instructables.


  1. Oh Lord Mama--That looks icky-Have fun with that.My boys would love it if I made a bowl of worms for them.

    Neil Boortz was talking about a recipe for "kitty litter cake". Where you use graham cracker crumbs, and tootsie rolls on top..

    1. Kitty Litter Cakes are fun!.. We've made them before. We used a clean litter pan and scoop to serve the cake. It's also fun to get sand pails and mix the crumbs and chocolate pudding for dirt and use gummy worms in the "dirt". I wished I had known how to do all this stuff when my kids were small. We would have had a blast. At least I can live through the grandchildren now.

      Let me know if you make the worms!

  2. That bowl of worms looks so disgusting .... glad you made it thru the storm ok.

  3. TL...You know you want a bowl of those worms....LOL

    Issac turned out to be nothing for us. We barely had any rain and just a few wind gust. We've had worse thunder storms but thanks for thinking of us!


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