Tuesday, April 24, 2012

One of God's Amazing Creatures

The Marine and I think God put these little creatures on earth just for our amusement.

Last week I bought this humming bird feeder with a suction cup and hung it on the Marine's bedroom window.  We now get to see non stop action all day long.  We have feeders in other places but this one let's us get up close and personal.

The glare of the glass inside kept me from getting good pictures so I went out on the porch and sat about 2 feet away and snapped these shots.  The only problem is as soon as they heard the camera click they were already backing away from the feeder to make a run for it!

 Our hummingbirds fight fierce battles as we watch.  Whenever two or more are present they chatter like little monkeys.  I never did get a shot with more than one in the picture.  I'll have to try again tomorrow when I take a break from remodeling the guest bath.  Oh my Lord I did a knock down wall texture for the first time.  Thank God that stuff just wipes up with a wet cloth.  I got it everywhere!


  1. i can't wait until our hummingbirds come back - they should be here in a few weeks! i am glad that the Marine has the feeder at his window - there is nothing like watching hummingbirds do their thing. they are beautiful but man they are vicious! i can't wait to see pics of the remodel!

    your friend,

  2. kymber...our hummers usually get here in March but this year they were late but we are enjoying watching them now.

    I should have taken before and after pictures of the bathroom. I have had the same wallpaper for 17 years. It still looked nice in most places except for the wall near the toilet. Every child that has come to our home and used the bathroom wanted to pick it at the seams. I was constantly gluing the edges back down. The latest children not only picked at the seams but decided it would be fun to start peeling it. Maybe I should have had a magazine rack in there....LOL

  3. I love Humming birds and your pics are so cute! Can't wait to see the remodel too.

  4. Only times I have seen more than one at a feeder for any length of time has been right after the youngins begin feeding and when a mated pair pull a fast one on a guarding hummer.

    Once I had 8 little hummers eating at once from every port on the feeder with two flying around them waiting for an opening. I have also seen the male from a mated pair swoop in over a feeder to get the guarding bird to chase him while the female moves in to feed. Soon the bait male will return and feed for a while until the guardian comes screaming back.

    They are so much fun but dangerous when fighting in enclosed spaces :)


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