Saturday, September 10, 2011

I've missed blogging!

Although I went days, weeks and sometimes months between posting, I still enjoyed my blog.  

When I stopped blogging I was writing the story of my son's car wreck and the months that followed.   Just as I was getting into DJ's story, Representative Gifford was shot in the head and suffered a TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury).  Without going into a lot of emotional detail let's just say I was more than a little upset that because of her position she received the best medical care and therapy while our young men and women in the military have to fight and beg for any care that they receive.  Don't get me wrong.... I am thankful for Mrs. Gifford's recovery, I'm just saying that the military deserves just as good treatments and therapy as Mrs. Gifford receives. In the future I may once again share DJ's story with you but I am just not up to it at this time.

As time permits I will be adding our "farm stories" to get you caught up on happenings around here.  I have been sick for over a week but getting better.  We have got to get the turkey pen (yes we now have turkeys) finished and get them out of the small enclosure they are in before they begin to walk humpbacked!


  1. Good to know you are ok! I wondered what was up!


  2. I'm sorry for this late comment, Mamma Bear. I just discovered you are BACK to BLOGGING tonight. I'm so glad! I don't blame you for being upset by Representative Gifford's privileged treatment. Like you, I'm happy for her but wonder why the men and women who defend us have to beg and scrape. I'm so glad you're back and look forward to your posts and to reading DJ's story. I wish you and your family all the best!


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