Thursday, January 30, 2014

"Florberia" is thawing

This morning, the sound of water dripping from the eaves, trees and plants is not from a rain shower but of the ice finally melting.  We were in a deep freeze in the 20's for almost 36 hours.  We had freezing rain but never did see sleet or snow.  Just pelleted by the ice falling.
When I stepped out on the porch yesterday morning it was still dark and I kept hearing something cracking and popping.  I finally saw it was Papa Bears distress flag frozen into a solid sheet.  Every time the wind blew it would snap, crackle and pop...he's going to need a new flag.

The plants on the railing outside of the Marine's bedroom had icicles.

My poor Azalea shrubs have never been so cold!

Palm trees and icicles are not two words that belong together!

Our old golf cart we use to distribute hay and feed was decorated with ice.

The bird baths was frozen solid and the umbrella has icicles.

The wheelchair ramp was covered in ice pellets.  Every time I went down it I expected to land on my butt!

The wheelchair ramp going to the pool was frozen.  When I talked to grandson he told me he could slide all the way down the ramp into the pool!

My kitchen window had a solid sheet of ice on the outside.

The hood of Mom's Bronco

My poor strawberries

The little cabbage froze but will probably be OK

Wonder what all of our little southern birds thought of the ice on their feeders?

Yeti decided he had enough of the cold and came inside for a nap.

Sometimes during the night he decided he needed a trashy Hollywood magazine my granddaughter left here to read or maybe he just thought it wasn't worth reading!

We wanted Sloppy Joes for supper but was out of buns in the freezer so I made a batch of fresh sesame seed buns.  The Sloppy Joe mix was some I had canned a couple of years ago.  They were yummeh.

I am most thankful to God that we did not lose our electric power as we are total electric.  We do have back up generators, grills and a small solar system for the Marines medical equpment but it would have just made things more difficult than what they were.  Papa Bear hauled water and hay to the critters most of the day trying to keep them warm and hydrated.  Temps are climbing into the 50's today and will be in the 70's in a few more days.  I hope the Polar Vortex is through with us.  We have a barn to build!
Stay warm everyone!


  1. Glad to see you are thawing out. It's actually warming up here today too. 37 now with a strong Southern wind that doesn't bite. I might even get motivated to work outside today.

    1. Still in the 40's here today but is supposed to warm up. I haven't been to town in weeks and need to run a few errands today so no outside work for me!

  2. It is hard to believe your photos are taken that far south. You have our weather and we have well someone near the arctic circle's weather at -2 this morning. I suspect you might loose some of those plants if not now then later from damage. It is a shame.

    1. These plants have never felt this kind of cold for such long periods. A big chunk of ice Papa Bear pulled off of a feed barrel yesterday is just now melting. It's suppose to be almost 80 by Sunday. Is that crazy or what?

  3. Mamma Bear,

    Ice is so pretty on things as long as we don't have to walk out in it to take care of things on the property, or animals.

    Your strawberries should also be okay, mine did very well with the ice and snow. I can't wait to add more to the ones I have. As for your cabbage, I hope it survives.

    Give Yeti a scratch behind the ears, obviously he didn't like the trash published in the magazine.

    Sending hugs to you and yours my friend.
    Stay warm, and be careful walking on the ice.

    1. This is the first time I have ever had icicles on the house let alone the palm trees. I hope you are right about the strawberries. A few had already started making berries but are frozen now. I heard the fields down further south berries are lost for the season. Haven't researched it so don't know if it's true or not..

      Yeti is a very spoiled boy. He's probably going to be a "sorry" farm dog...hahahha

      Hugs to you and yours!

  4. Heh - it got up to 21 today, a heat wave! Only about a foot of snow yesterday - we're up to almost 80 inches so far this season. Buffalo is ahead by about a foot.

    1. I have much respect for all of you who brave freezing temps all winter. Our problem is we do not have the clothing and the animals don't have the thick winter coats for the freezes we are having. We only have sheds for the goats and they seem to be fine. Had to put heat lamps in the birthing shed for puppies. Thank goodness I was wrong about the date I thought I had piggies due. They would have froze!


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