Monday, May 7, 2012

Happy Birthday to our Marine

Our Marine celebrated his 36th birthday this weekend.  His usual request is to go to Pineapple Willy's on the beach.  We have been doing this now for several years.  It is one of few places that has a deck out over the beach where one in a wheelchair can enjoy the scenery.  The weather was just perfect with a nice ocean breeze.  Sunday was also the last day of Thunder Beach where 1000's of motorcycle riders come to enjoy the beaches.  This was an extra treat for the Marine as he is crazy about motorcycles.

His brother called him from Afghanistan the night before to wish him a happy birthday but we missed the call.  By the time we got the message it was too late to call him back.  There is a 9 1/2 hour time difference.

We recently found out if the Marine has a little taste of lemon he can swallow a small amount of liquid without aspirating so he was able to have a little bit of Pineapple Willy's famous frozen Daiquiri. 

 It was a very nice day.  
Happy Birthday Marine!



  1. Happy Birthday!!!!

    But straight lemon? I would be in pucker mode for a week :)

  2. PP...I think it is the pucker mode that makes him work his mouth muscles in order to swallow small amounts. Whatever works!..He was enjoying seeing me make faces as he sucked on a lemon! We went to the gift shop to let him pick out a t-shirt. I told him it would be awesome if we could find one that said I sucked lemons at Pineapple Willy's but of course there was no such shirt! Thanks for the birthday wishes... I will pass them along.

  3. Happy Birthday to the Marine!
    Happy Birthday to the Marine!
    i am so glad that you had such a nice day (and got to suck on a lemon - ick!)!
    Happy Birthday to the Marine!

    oh Mamma - i love that pic of the three of you!!! i am so glad that you all had such a nice day. too bad about the t-shirt, tho - bahahahah! that would have been a hoot!

    your friend,

  4. The Marine thanks you kymber! He is just a smiling after telling him that my blogger buddies are wishing him a happy birthday!

  5. i am so glad to hear that Mamma - but the important question is - did you sing the song to him?!?!?!? you simply MUST - bahahahah!

  6. I wish your son a happy birthday, and tell him that he has my eternal thanks. God bless him!

  7. Belated Happy Birthday to your Marine! You can go to a T-shirt shop and have a special t-shirt made for him.

    I joined your list of followers to get some up close and personal info on the bees. My neighbor lets a beekeeper keep bees in pasture next to me. Every water source I have is covered with bees, I don't think they are providing water for them near the hives this year. I put a plastic bag over a watering can I use only to find it laying beside the can with about 50 dead bees in it because they went in under the bag to the water.

  8. Welcome Tombstone Livestock. Thank you so much for the birthday wishes for the Marine.

    I am new to bee keeping so most of the stuff I know is what I have read or my bee guru Pioneer Preppy teaches me.

    What I know about bees and water is the smell. Especially if you have chlorinated water like a swimming pool. We also have a catfish pond. So far they are going to the pond for water and leaving the pool alone. We also have a livestock watering tank near the hives so they have a choice of water before they make it to the house. The bees are loving the palm tree blooms which is next to the pool but I still haven't seen any in the pool.


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