Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Don't Rain on My Parade

Macy's Parade is a tradition at our home on Thanksgiving day.  I am usually busy in the kitchen but run back and forth from the kitchen to the livingroom to catch the highlights.

Stephen over at Standing Outside Looking In 
posted a video on some potty mouth with OWS talking about interrupting the parade by tossing Molotov cocktails and also about burning Wall Street down on the 17th.......Check it out.

Guess we need to look for a whole heap of trouble in the coming week.  Stay safe everyone.  We are hunkered down today.  Under tornado watches until 8 PM.  I want the rain but no tornado!


  1. Thank you, Sweet Lady. Class always tells...

  2. Stay safe! I'll check out the blog. I'm frankly sick of hearing about all the hypocritical things these OW folks are pulling. (not surprised, but sick of it)
    ENJOY your parade, hopefully nothing will interrupt it!

  3. Yep, It had to happen soon then later.

  4. Thank You Stephen!

    Thanks tornadoes...just some lightening and very little rain. We didn't even lose the electricity which I half expected cause the wind was blowing so hard.

    For sure Rob... I am like another blogger. They have all of them in one place. Load them all up on a boat and ship them to a country like they want. Stop changing mine!

  5. Stay safe MB!!!

    Catching up on my reading since I fell behind this work week.

  6. Thanks PP...We stayed safe. No tornadoes here. I know what you've been doing...spending waaaaay too much time with the Smurfs....hehehehe Loved your review!


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